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Hybrid Server Backup from BackupStuff

What’s better than protecting your organization’s data against loss with an onsite backup server? Using a multi-faceted backup solution that’s capable of minimizing your risk on every front.

If you currently save your business’ files and important data to either an onsite server, hard drive, or the cloud, you may want to consider adding an extra layer of protection to your backup strategy.


What if your network server goes down? What if the dedicated server for your cloud backup system crashes? What if a natural disaster wipes out your business’ IT infrastructure and takes with it all of the data that’s vital to your company? These scenarios can and do happen every day. The best way to protect you and your organization against the unimaginable is with a hybrid backup solution.

Fail-Safe Backup

When you backup locally with a server, save the information to a secure public cloud, and deploy the files to our Canadian data centre, you will dramatically diminish the opportunities for any of your most vital data to be lost due to unexpected events. We can also provide any equipment you may require for setting up a hybrid backup system.

If you’re ready to take a giant step toward a safer and smarter way of doing business, call us to learn more about our hybrid backup solutions: 1.866.469.6120.