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How Often Should You Backup Your Files?

Earlier on our blog, we covered how to configure your Canadian BackupStuff application’s Frequency and Version settings. Today, we will take a look at the reasons why you would select different schedules for your backups.

The Default setting that the CrashPlan PROe application is set to is “every 15 minutes”. This kind of a setting is very thorough and ensures a high standard of data security for whatever files have been selected. With a setting like this, you could reliably “go back in time” and undo mistakes or accidents as soon as they happen, with very little consequence, as everything is freshly available during the day. However, for a normal user, this is too much. Depending on the amount of data that is being backed up, your Internet bandwidth will be consumed in large quantities, on a near constant basis (assuming the app is running). If you run a business that needs a safety net on crucial data, such as computer code or confidential information, this may be a good setting for you.


The Importance of Properly Naming Files

When naming your files, it is important that they are given file names that accurately reflect their content. For example, naming a file ‘That one project’ is likely going to be confusing when you go to open it weeks or months down the road. Naming it ‘English Project – 110 – Why T.S. Eliot is One of the Greatest Writers of our Time’ is a far more apt name. This will allow you to easily locate whichever file you are looking for.

Similarly, it is important to organize your folders correctly. Instead of saving everything under ‘My Documents’, try creating folders and sub-folders with descriptive headings. This will save you time in the long run.

Is it Possible to Restore Old Versions of My Files

Certain applications such as Microsoft Word will allow you to restore older versions of your local files. On Windows, you can use the following:

**Please note that this guide is specific to Windows 7, but you will likely be able to follow it for newer versions of the Windows OS as well.**

1. Right click on the file or folder.

2. Click the ‘Previous Versions’ tab.

3. Select your restore point. If there are none listed, you will not be able to restore.

4. Click ‘Restore…’

While this can be useful, it is better to create manual backups of older versions of your files in separate documents to ensure that they are accessible.

How Can I Restore an Accidentally Deleted File from my Computer

Unfortunately, without having a backup of a file stored externally–whether online or on a different device–the chances of restoring your files is slim. This becomes increasingly true the longer you wait to restore your data. Because of the way computers store data, any deleted files are set as usable space. If that particular space is overwritten, the file will likely be permanently irretrievable. Even if you manage to try recovering the data immediately, you may need to pay for expensive data recovery software or services. For this reason, it is recommended that you create backups before your data is lost.

Why it is Important to Backup Company Emails

Company emails are an important part of any online business. Many companies, however, do not have backups of their emails stored other than with their hosting provider. While these may be sufficient in most scenarios, there are circumstances where having only emails stored with your hosting company can be largely detrimental. For example, if your hosting company was to terminate your account, you would permanently lose access to your emails. By copying important emails to your computer locally–or storing backups online–you can ensure that you do not lose important data.