Cloud backup solutions from BackupStuff

Satisfying Your Cloud Backup Needs in Canada

When it comes to cloud backup solutions for your business or personal data needs, there’s no shortage of options. While it might seem like a lot of the software that’s available for the cloud¬† offers the same types of features, there are many advantages to choosing a Canadian cloud backup provider like BackupStuff.

Why Us?

Our Canadian owned and operated company is backed by BlackSun Inc, which has been in the data management business since 1998. We offer proven solutions for data backup, including a robust software that allows you to automatically and continuously backup your most important digital files and data to the cloud. Why are so many organizations and individuals choosing cloud backup solutions in Canada from BackupStuff? In one word, value.

This is what you will receive when you choose to work with our Canada cloud backup company:

  • Outsource your cloud data backup with confidence – our security speaks for itself!
  • Cloud backup in Canada is affordable¬† – from BackupStuff, rates start as low as $10/month for 10GB of data
  • The Canadian cloud backup solutions we offer are comprehensive – backup any type of digital file and any number of versions, and choose the size of storage that best suits your backup needs
  • Receive assistance from a customer support team that’s located in Canada
  • Our cloud backup can be combined with offsite backup at our Canadian data centre, offering you the ultimate disaster recovery strategy

If you’re ready to learn more about the many ways you or your business will benefit from choosing a cloud backup provider that’s proudly Canadian, call us:¬†1.866.469.6120.