Safe and secure cloud storage from BackupStuff

Cloud Storage & Your Business

Any business in Canada or worldwide can benefit from secure cloud storage. Whether yours is an enterprise with locations in several Canadian cities and offices overseas, or a family-owned and operated business with a single store, a reputable cloud storage service is the best way to ensure your business’ data is safe and secure, both now and in the future.

Why the Cloud Makes Sense for Business

In today’s technological world, choosing a data storage service or solution is pretty much a pre-requisite for good business. But, where you store the information and files that are vital to your business is just as important as ensuring your data is protected at all. What’s the ultimate storage solution? Canadian cloud storage from BackupStuff.

The Benefits of Cloud Storage for Business

Access Your Data Anywhere, Anytime and From Any Device

Even if you’re located in Canada, business doesn’t always happen from a single location. With the best online cloud storage available, you and your employees can access data no matter where you are, what time it is, or what type of device you’re using. When it comes to cloud storage, Canada based businesses have the freedom to take their operations anywhere!


While the cloud can keep up with businesses while they’re on the move, cloud storage also offers a flexible solution for data. Quickly and easily scale the size of your storage service to meet the changing demands of your company.

Secure Storage

It doesn’t matter how flexible the cloud is or how convenient it is to access your company’s data if the system isn’t safe. BackupStuff takes the security of your data very seriously, and it’s because of this that we offer the most secure cloud storage available to Canadian businesses and organizations worldwide. With two layers of encryption, onsite encryption keys, and the ability to choose whether to you use the system’s secure public cloud, to send the data to our Canadian data centre, or to use a cloud that’s a combination of the two, rest easy knowing your company’s data is protected.


Because we know the bottom line counts for every company, we offer one of the most affordable cloud storage solutions available not only in Canada but worldwide. When our service plans start at just $30/month, this is as affordable as it gets for premium cloud solutions.

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