Here are some features of our services at BackupStuff

Online File Sync

Archives are maintained on our servers.

Retrieve the archive from multiple locations (mobile, desktop software, or online web portal).

Multiple Device Backup

Backup multiple devices including desktops and laptops at home and at the office.

Laptops, desktops can all be backed up to the same account!

If you lose your device, easily restore and migrate the archive back to a similar device.

Small Business

Affordable software archive for businesses.

Our easy to use online portal allows business administrators to manage users.

Use our software to backup to main server in your office, and then remote this backup to our secure cloud storage data centre.

Avoid triggering “loss of business” insurance premiums by using our team to help you restore your data more quickly when disaster strikes.

See your device backup history and access files with a mobile app for iOS and Android.

Remote Manage

Manage archives through client, mobile app, or login to our web browser portal.

See account quotas.

Manage encryption levels. There are three types of encryption levels:

  • Default: use our password encryption method supplied by BlackSun. For this level of backup, we keep and control the public keys
  • Client manages password to generate key (two factor authentication)
  • User supplies 448 bit encryption keys (user manages the keys onsite)


Your files are secured with 128 bit AES while in transit.

448 bit Blowfish while at rest on our servers.

All connections are protected by TLS.

Online File Sharing

Looking for more of a File Sharing and syncing solution between colleagues? Our partner company has created an online file sharing service that my be suitable for your needs. See