How Often Should You Backup Your Files?

Posted by BlackSun Jake on December 31, 2015

Earlier on our blog, we covered how to configure your Canadian BackupStuff application’s Frequency and Version settings. Today, we will take a look at the reasons why you would select different schedules for your backups.

The Default setting that the CrashPlan PROe application is set to is “every 15 minutes”. This kind of a setting is very thorough and ensures a high standard of data security for whatever files have been selected. With a setting like this, you could reliably “go back in time” and undo mistakes or accidents as soon as they happen, with very little consequence, as everything is freshly available during the day. However, for a normal user, this is too much. Depending on the amount of data that is being backed up, your Internet bandwidth will be consumed in large quantities, on a near constant basis (assuming the app is running). If you run a business that needs a safety net on crucial data, such as computer code or confidential information, this may be a good setting for you.

A much more reasonable setting for the average person would be around the 12-24 hour setting for a new version. When you have files that do not change very much day to day (emails, resume’s, pictures and videos), you can rest assured that every day, at a time you can choose, your files are being backed up and protected.

In the end, the setting you choose should be dependent on a few factors:

  1. Is your data changing often, or accessed by multiple people throughout the day? If yes, consider backing up more often.
  2. Is your data critical for legal or business reasons? If yes, consider backing up more often.
  3. Do you have an Internet connection that can handle large uploads, and an Internet plan that allows for more bandwidth? If no, reduce your backup frequency.

Following these three rules should allow you to make an informed decision on how often you need to backup your data, and save you time and money should you need to use it.