Secure your data offsite at BackupStuff

Secure Another Layer of Protection with Offsite Backup

BackupStuff strives to provide the most robust and dependable solutions for data backup in the industry, and so we offer offsite storage at our secure data centre in Saskatoon, in addition to our online backup services.

In the past, many businesses saved their data exclusively on in-house servers and other devices. While this method of backing up is useful if a computer fails, it doesn’t offer any protection in the event of a fire, flood or any other natural disaster. Today, the best way to ensure your company is never at risk of losing all of the information that’s vital to its operations is a combination of online and offsite backup solutions. When data is stored in the cloud and at a secure location that’s removed from your place of business, you minimize risk dramatically.

Safe & Secure Offsite Data Storage

Clients can choose the frequency with which they deploy data to our centre, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing their information can be quickly restored to them, if and when they require it. The BackupStuff data centre offers a high level of security that’s an important part of any disaster recovery strategy.

To discover how your organization can and will benefit from backup solutions that include storing vital data at our Canadian centre, call us: 1.866.469.6120.