Protect your business' data with online backup from BackupStuff

Online Backup Protects Against the Unexpected

If you use a laptop, desktop or any type of mobile device for business or at home, taking steps to ensure your files are protected is something you will never regret. All of these devices that we use to create, manage, send or receive data can die, get damaged, stolen or lost, which is why choosing to backup your files online is a smart move at work and at home.

While storing data on an external hard drive is a small step toward protecting your information, the best online backup solutions are much more dependable – they aren’t at risk of being damaged or broken beyond repair in a flood or fire, and they offer a level of security that isn’t possible with other systems. Whether you own a business in Canada or abroad, or you’re an individual who is looking for an easy yet reliable way to backup their personal files, BackupStuff offers the ultimate solution.

Large and Small Business Backup Solutions

  • The most secure way to save the information that’s vital to your business operations
  • Backup data from any device, in any location, at any time
  • Backup is automatic and continuous
  • Choose online backup plans that are just the right size for your small or large company’s needs

Personal Backup Solutions

  • Save any and all of your family’s digital files, automatically and securely
  • Flexible storage sizes that aren’t restricted by bandwidth
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable

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